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Vegan Bootcamp

An educational program and community to help kickstart and support your vegan diet and lifestyle. Going vegan has never been easier.

What is Vegan Bootcamp?

Reasons to Join

What is this all about?

Vegan Bootcamp is a free challenge program that will take you step-by-step towards a Vegan diet and lifestyle. You will be guided through lessons in over 25 subjects such as nutrition, recipes, philosophy, climate, cosmetics, welfare, budgeting, clothing, family, and many more!

How does it work?

Register for free and pick a course to begin with! Each course includes reading material, videos, quizzes, and more - some include documentaries and events! Take courses at your own pace, each one is designed to slowly remove and replace foods in your diet to bring you to your goal. Our community is also here to help!

Mentors and Dieticians

Get free personal guidance by our vegan mentors & registered dietitians - they are here to help you every step of the way! Our registered dietitians specialize in vegan nutrition for all stages of life (including pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, children, adults, athletes and more). Dietitian? Join us!

Earn rewards as you go!

As you complete courses you will earn coins! You can use these coins in our coupon store to get real world discounts at participating vegan stores and organizations. Rewards include discounts on vegan food services, vegan clothing lines, vegan e-books and access to community features!

Join the Community.

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